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This roadmap is designed to make sure Kiirocoin is successful in prioritizing features, making decisions about how to allocate resources and provide a proper timeline.

Project Idea & Research - December, 2022

Kiirocoin blockchain journey began with the conception of the initial idea, followed by development of a minimum viable product testing and iteration, security and scalability enhancements, public release, continuous improvement, and ecosystem expansion.

Phase 1 - 2023

  • Development of Android & IOS Wallet

  • Development of Payment Gateway

  • Development of Hashrate Marketplace

  • Listing on Medium Exchanges

Phase 2 - Q1 2024

  • Expansion of Hashrate Marketplace

  • Listing on popular Multi Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • Beta test of Computing power Service

  • Listing on Major Exchanges

Phase 3 - Q2/Q3 2024

  • Development of Advance Security Suite

  • Beta test for ai game

  • Development of Advanced AI Trading & Arbitrage Bot

Phase 4 - Q4 2024

  • Development AI to Detect & Stop Fake News

  • Development of Computing power Service

Phase 5 - Q1 2025

  • Release of final ai game version

  • ...

Keep going - To the Moon

We don't stop here this is just beginning of total new era.