News : We have official pool online

In the journey of life, positivity guides us forward, yet we must acknowledge that problems can unexpectedly arise. While our project is currently flourishing in its intended course, the specter of uncertainties lurks nearby. As both the Founder and a steadfast individual of integrity, I am honored to announce the establishment of an emergency fund and insurance mechanism.
Purpose of the Fund:
In the unfortunate event of circumstances such as bankruptcy, project complexities, acts of sabotage, or other unforeseen adversities, we have devised a comprehensive plan. This plan entails providing a partial refund to our esteemed investors, with an equitable allocation of 80% to online masternode holders and 20% to coin holders. Precise refund guidelines will be meticulously outlined in the coming days. Rest assured, these funds will remain untouched in a dedicated wallet, solely reserved for dire contingencies.
My personal commitment is to avert any situation where individuals endure loss and are left waiting for promised restitutions. Reflecting upon the past hardships faced by the Luna project's community, where individuals were left without recourse, I am resolute in my aspiration to never deploy this safety net. However, it is reassuring to know that in the unlikely event of an adverse turn, our investors will be provided with a partial safeguard.
Key Tenets of the Plan:

In closing, I extend this message with sincerity and a deep commitment to the well-being of our investors. Your trust and support are the cornerstone of our journey, and it is my fervent hope that the need for such contingency measures never arises. May our collective efforts continue to propel Kiirocoin to new heights.

We will refill wallet using part of monthly production of community address (3000 coins) and part from team funds (500 coins)

Once Kiiro reaches a good market cap and is stable we will conduct voting from community to reput in play insurance funds for project developments.
Warm regards,
Sincerily Founder, Kiirocoin

This is our default insurance address: KC6kfiaCCfwZ1DEVjR99sTRnhgpd3nT8Gn

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